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Donate to CERCOPAN via the National Wildlife Humane Society

Just within the past few weeks we have established a promising new alliance with a like-minded conservation organisation in the United States. The National Wildlife Humane Society (NWHS) is dedicated to reducing suffering among captive and non-captive wildlife.

Patrick Webb, President, founded the Top of the Rock Wildlife Sanctuary in 1990, in Arkansas, U.S.A. Species such as tigers, mountain lions, jaguars, and the snow leopard have been rescued within the US, and brought to the sanctuary to receive specialised long-term care. But in addition to providing sanctuary for non-US-native threatened and endangered species, the organisation also promotes wildlife conservation groups that share its vision of a more humane world for wildlife.

NWHS invited CERCOPAN as one of two organisations based in Africa to feature on their website as an alliance partner. In addition to the publicity NWHS can provide for us on the other side of the Atlantic, the website also provides the means for donors to provide monthly or one off federal tax-deductible donations to CERCOPAN, both mailed and on-line.

It’s a great bonus to us to have an active advocate for our cause on another continent, and this step forward fits right in with our strategy to continue to rapidly expand our publicity using the latest on-line media. We were also delighted when our Director, Claire, was invited to serve on the NWHS Wildlife Advisory Council to provide both primatological support and field-based environmental conservation experience to NWHS.

Read more about NWHS’s work in wildlife care at www.humanewildlife.org and visit CERCOPAN’s page at http://www.humanewildlife.org/cercopan.html

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CERCOPAN’s facebook fun (I mean fan) page

Despite the slow internet speeds in the African continent (or no net at all!), CERCOPAN has become very technically minded!  Now, in addition to our Wildlife Direct blog and our website www.cercopan.org CERCOPAN can be found to have a strong presence on Facebook.  Facebook, that has taken the world by storm in recent years, have pages dedicated to charity causes and CERCOPAN has been the proud owner of one for 8 months now, having over 750 members and having raised $175.  However now, in addition to that, we have just started a CERCOPAN fan page and it has lots of exciting topics to be investigated!

Look out for our cause page icon above, featuring Mickey the red-eared guenon

Look out for our cause page icon above, featuring Mickey the red-eared guenon

Not only can you flick through a wide range of our photos, several previously unseen, any time you wish that include the monkeys, Rhoko camp and forest, our World Environment Day celebrations, and many other categories soon to come, but you can also participate in surveys (currently to vote on what to name our new baby mangabey), start discussions with us and other fans on a variety of topics, sign up for our monthly Enewsletter, and be transferred to our shop to buy CERCOPAN products including adoption packs and posters!  Plus you can even access our Wildlife Direct blog from there though our networked blogs link!  We soon hope to bring video footage to it too so you can see the monkeys and our team in action! 

Vote on what to name Quality's new baby on our facebook fan page (Photo copyright of Oskar Brattström)

Vote on what to name Quality's new baby on our facebook fan page (Photo copyright of Oskar Brattström)

Why don’t you check it out and make further suggestions on our discussions board on what you would like to see up there?  It’s a work in progress so we would love your feedback!
Keep your eyes open for this image as its our fan page logo!

Keep your eyes open for this image as its our fan page logo!

Thank you very much!

A big thank you to Phillip, Brigitta and Wanda for your kind donations. Brigitta and Wanda, your donations have been used to feed and care for a new baby red eared guenon called Jerry who has just arrived with us. I will post some pictures of him for you over the next couple of days. Phillip, here are some photographs of Bella, she is still living alone as there have been no suitable babies to place her with, but new orphan Jerry is almost through his preliminary quarantine tests and will be placed with her very soon. Check back later in the week to see how they get on…..




Thanks so much Brigitta and Wanda!

Thanks once again for your donations Brigitta and Wanda, as ever they have been put to good use. Your particular donations have been directed towards helping to  rehabilitate putty nose baby “Emma”, who has been ill with internal parasites.  Since her arrival she has struggled with this problem on numerous occasions, but after keeping her in the office, giving her some serious TLC, trying different medication and feeding her up… she is finally looking healthy again!


Emma can’t get enough of her favourite food…Water melon!

Thanks Brigitta!

Thank you very much Brigitta for your donation! It is very much appreciated. Here is a cute picture of two of our baby monas to brighten your sunday.


Best Friends Precious and Ikom.

A HUGE thank you to UPS…..

In October, thanks to a generous donation from the UPS foundation, CERCOPAN was able to purchase a brand new Toyota Hilux. This couldn’t have come at a better time as our old trucks were just about to give up. Being at the mechanic shop for the better part of 2008 our old vehicles (2 other Toyota Hiluxes) were struggling to keep up the hard work required of a CERCOPAN vehicle. Making countless journeys over the past decade through the rough rainforest terrain these hardworking trucks have survived a lot of abuse and were in desperate need of a younger more agile model to come and take some of the load off them.


Claire and Richard with steaming broken down truck…now a thing of the past!

With this new vehicle at our disposal we have been able to put more time and effort into fixing up our old boys and also enhancing our ecotourism initiatives, now having more reliable transport to getting visitors up to our bush site. It has made the trip up to Rhoko more pleasurable for all parties involved with the smooth ride and complete lack of breakdowns, which usually blighted every trip. Amazing how something like a new truck can enhance so many aspects of the organization….and our lives. We cannot thank you enough UPS!


Our fabulous new truck!